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QWE-RTY – JAN. 21 2019 – Hi

Hi, everyone! Well, it’s 2019 and you know what that means! A new me. Before you say anything, I know I’m late to say that. I also know it’s kind of random that I began working on QWE-RTY again. For those who don’t know, I run a bunch of other websites and this is a side project that I felt like doing for the community. Due to this being a side project, though, this has been a very low priority project.

I apologize for that. I know people are counting on this site to compete with others and run similarly. But, truth be told, it’s not. I’m one man working on this alone. I’d like to bring others on, but to find someone with similar or better knowledge of WordPress is difficult when you cannot pay them.

General members of the site has grown to over 200 members. Bear in mind, this number of members is without advertisement of the website, similar to other similar sites. But, either way, I will be trying to improve on QWE-RTY through this year. But, I can’t promise too much because time will be limited.


If you have any ideas on what I can do for the official QWE-RTY YouTube channel, I’m all ears. It’s just sitting there with nothing on it taunting me. You can either do this by commenting down below or emailing the PR email:

If you want to follow QWE-RTY further, we do have a Twitter account. If you have the ability to, feel free to donate on Patreon so I can hopefully make QWE-RTY better.

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